Info Pack

Picharge is a company that is into disruptive innovations.

We have offers for wholesalers, for quantities above 200 units.

We have for retailers, quantities less that 200 units.
For Retailer, you can start with as low as ₦20,000

As a Retailer/Wholesaler,

1. You will get a customised flier as a Retailer

2. We have a community to help you make sales. (Sales Hub)

3. We train, share and work together.

4. We and other retailers will send customers to you if we get order from your location.

5. You don’t need to own an accessory store before you can be a Picharge Retailer.

6. We do sponsored Ads and direct traffic to your location.

We believe you are your OGA in your zone, so be creative and innovative.

We love experimenting.
Lastly, we have fun here and communication is a flat system.