Obviously, all consumer intrinsic businesses like Picharge; Have got a mix of experiences, while executing our logistics and delivery. It has become an irresistible routine; we’ve never got to escape each day. Since customers can now place orders right from their comfort zones expecting to have the cables by their doorsteps. As soon as their requests are made, we’ve got to do all it takes in order to meet up with their demands. They are less concerned about whatever it costs you, all they want is to have their cable as soon as possible.

Picharge — The Delivery Terrain.

Oftentimes, we imagine if our consumers have lost sight of the terrain that leads to their abode. Be it the traffic, the distance and disjointed transport network, that makes navigations via those roads difficult. Once they made the payment, you’re no way far from pressure. Soon, they’ll spill the hell out of you with incessant phone calls, just to check over their cable. If you’re short of precision in your responses, expect questions like, what happens to my money?

The process of delivering cables to end-users and customers of selling cables has been a really hard nut to crack. Considering, the high cost of delivery and dispatch riders anomalies, (those who often give false disclosure about their location). All these are the factors that contributed to what seems to be like a headache for consumers, as well as we producers once purchases are made from our end.

Picharge  — Navigating through Logistics.

Over time, it became expedient that we provide an alternative approach, so we could snap out of the mess. One of the strategies Picharge employed to cushion this effect, was to station pickup locations and bring retailers closer to the people. Of course, it will speed up delivery time and reduce the cost, of delivering placed orders. However, this doesn’t seem to eradicate the riff-raff.

For there are still a few issues, and a time journeying from where we live, we might not make it on time. Perhaps a customer could be impatient. So also, the dispatch Rider could mix up the pickups, making all these happenings a major pain in the ass. Hopefully someday Picharge will come up with a solution that addresses this logistic problem. So customers could access their products on time. And would accurately trace and track their items via the delivery process.

Dada Introduces Open Digital Logistics Platform | PYMNTS.com

Credit- PYMNTS.com

A run-off-the-mill Day.

I remember the case of a customer that made a demand, I planned to get the item delivered as early as possible. I’d guess, the rider did not remember he had picked the customer’s package. As of 4 p.m. the customer had not gotten his item, we kept trying to call the rider and he assured us he was closed by the customer’s address. Come 7 p.m. he did not show up and even till 9 p.m. Finally, at some point, he had his phone switched off.

Eventually, we could connect with him by 10 p.m. and he said he had closed for the day. Meaning the delivery could only come up the following day. However, the question was couldn’t he have at least reached down and sent a message to state what went wrong. Well, that’s one of the problems we face dealing with Logistics and product delivery, is it the stories of riders telling lies about their location, or lying of being arrested. A times they claim to have their bikes faulty. All these are the pains we go through daily as a brand. Nonetheless, we’re Picharge!

Update!! getting a Picharge cable is now much more easier here.