Machines, technologies have their history way back as far as the existence of man, some part we might not even know, from the simple abacus used in solving basic counting problems to the complex quantum computers capable of solving rigorous questions with foundation in physics and mathematics, all in a bid to make the world a better place or best put to ease the labor of men. And to some of us this seems strange even if we tend to say or act otherwise as we do not know how those technologies work or we did not even understand what the maker or innovator explained on how it works. While trying to use these things in hope that we would understand how it works on the way we found ourselves in an era of Artificial Intelligence or AI as some would call it, a technology system or platform that performs incredible and amazing functions with little input from the human user.

Artificial Intelligence can be divided into five categories based on functions they perform; content generators, information extractors, smart chatbots, language translators and code generators. Mind blowing innovation, isn’t it?, Artificial intelligence then broke rules in the aspect of targeted audience as it is specifically fit to take on tasks of any audience in any categories, of any age; student, workers, professionals, just name it. One of the products that spearheaded this move and actually “exploded” in the market and drew attention from the public is the smart chatbot called Chatgpt, a smart chatbot that can answer questions, recommend ideas, give advice based on available data by the innovator. The release of this product has brought a lot of interest, criticism, investment, renovation to the artificial intelligence session, one of the concerns of people about this platforms being “won’t it take our jobs, leading to a high rate of unemployment?”, a question that we might have attend to on another day, and another relating to that is “won’t this system turn back on us and cause more harm than good,considering the vast amount of data that it is provided with”, again we will leave this for another day.

One peculiar thing about Artificial Intelligence platforms is the level and pace at which the systems/platforms are being renewed, upgraded, and updated, our case study here will be the newly launched gpt 4 Turbo, that can take speech as input, can generate image, can be used in development of modern web systems, can take on data in their vast amount and generate specific content as instructed by the users, these act further overrule barrier to usage on the path of users as people with disabilities can now make use of these platforms despite their state and produce effective and efficient results. This system then differs from other technologies that will come will come will better and more efficient features but with a higher price than the previous version as gpt 4 Turbo is reported to be 3X lesser in price than the previous version, I was even amazed when when everyone present at the launch was gifted with some credit that allows them making use of the platform without paying for a particular(although this could be counted as a marketing effort, sorry to the non-marketing guys) but it is still great.

The Launch - Gpt 4 Turbo

There is an increasing adoption of generative AI models to automate and execute tasks with unprecedented speed and efficiency, and these models have the potential to transform various business functions. However, it is important to recognise that with these benefits come potential risks. Creating safe usage guidelines and upskilling users can help ensure that generative AI is deployed responsibly and ethically, protecting organizations from risks such as exposing proprietary information or violating copyrights

Conclusion, in as much many development has been made on artificial intelligence system, we can still say the systems or most systems are still in their early and unstable stage and some level of consciousness is needed on the path of the users when using the product to be very discerning and not expose data that may be consider confidential of very high value with platforms like this without checking on their terms and privacy policy in case there is a breach in the system.
Lisa Heneghan, The Global Chief Digital Officer KPMG International said in one of her writings about generative AI that “Generative AI models highlight the power of technology. They have the potential to make us more productive and can make what we do easier in some respects. However, these models come with risk implications that all organizations and individuals should be aware of. That said, we can’t ignore these models. They’re rapidly becoming part of our daily personal and professional lives. We need to determine how to embrace them — but safely”